My wife’s birthday is around the corner.
What birthday gift do you give to someone who “has everything?”
She’ll smile when I mention “everything.”
I know she would love a Porsche Panamera, and quite frankly, so would I.
But for the time being, that is somewhat beyond my affordability-bracket.
That being said, my wife is one of the least materialistic people I know.
She is a nurturer of note and loves to spoil people.

After some thought, I started the “Romantic Ninja” project— “Love notes to a significant other!”
Some of these “notes” might have bearing on us as a couple.
Others might be frivolous but relevant “relationship comments.”

This is a tangible method of showing her she’s in my thoughts!
Every time I draw one it means I thought about her.
And that’s the important part to me— Actively remembering the significance of a significant other.

Life is rushed— We commute and scuttle about.
Whenever I sketch one of these Ninja-doodles, I pause and reflect on my relationship.
It slows time so that I can focus on everything which matters most.