Since the inception of the site, in 2019 much has changed.
The world has changed.
For some time there has been a complete lack of inspiration here at RN HQ.
Not a lack of “skill,” or even desire to create, but there was ennui in my life- listlessness.
During the pandemic, my wife was trapped in the UK for months.
No outbound flights were possible for what seemed like ages.
Other personal tragedies and problems seemed to be everywhere.
We lost loved ones.
We encountered the heartbreak of others who had also lost loved ones.
And was relegated to a box, at the back of the attic.
There was just so much going on, within constructs of chaos, sadness, and grief, that the simple activity of “creating” almost seemed inappropriate.
But now, it does feel as if some sections of my world and my reality are returning to some form of “normal”
And also: My drawing style evolved once again.
So let’s see where the third iteration of takes us!

Here’s the first really new romanticninja drawing since March 2021.
Even that one doesn’t “really” count, because I added it, feeling I had to add something.

In the meantime- the database with images seems corrupted. There are some technical glitches on the site.
But, techie-me is working on it.
I’m slowly but surely replacing the old original images as we speak.
Ok, coffee first, then the restoration process will commence.

RN Greetings,