New and improved…

It’s quite possible that this drawing might also fall inside the category of “old but redesigned?”
Does that make any sense?

Ok, does it need to make sense?
Or should this simply be a case of “stop procrastinating and do it?”
You can see I have an array of pseudo-intellectual discussions in hand for those moments when I can’t seem to settle in behind the pen and tablet!

Here’s a rough draft of the Romantic Ninja Part 2.


Where do we go from here?

If you’ve managed to read the “About” page, you’ll know I initially created this site as a little surprise gift for my wife.

Then the COVID pandemic hit, and despite my best efforts to maintain the site, I had to focus my attention elsewhere.
But I still believe there’s a lot of potential in this endeavor.
And I started thinking, “what is the actual definition of ‘romance’?”
Over the course of the last two weeks the question above recurred.
I believe that there’s a modern notion of sorts that only equates “romance” to heart-emojis, chocolates, rom-coms, mushy syrupy songs and the like.
Make no mistake, if you like mushy stuff, that’s fine. To each his own.
There is so little enjoyment around pivotal events in some people’s lives.
So if some stereotypical romance cheers them up, I’m 100% for it.
I’m just pointing out the perceived stereotypes, and I can also admit to enjoying some of them occasionally!

Maybe the question regarding “What is romance” could be transported back in time.
Let’s go back a few centuries, before emojis, romantic flicks, and corny V-Day cards?
How did elements of romance manifest back then?
Was it a romantic gesture to chop down a few trees and build a log cabin for your babe?
I guess so?

I’m going to keep chewing on these thoughts.
In the meantime I started fleshing out another concept.
And if all goes well, I’ll start sketching out the preliminaries.

Thanks to all those who still stop by here, in this abandoned town where the ghosts of romance roams.
It might change soon.

Have a great Wednesday,

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